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Because of the username and password in it to connect to the database. Am I
missing something here?

thanks - dave

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"Dominick Baier" wrote:

why is the connection string a secret??? This shouldn't be the
is very easy to find SQL Servers on my network - in the simplest case scan
every IP address for an open TCP/1433...

Dominick Baier (

Yes - sort-of. I'm still learning this too.

My question here is person A and B need to put their information in
Web.Config. And they should be encrypted in Web.Config (aspnet_regiis
-pef ...).

The problem is how does person A get their connections tring into
Web.Config and aspnet_regiis run on it? Only person C is allowed
access to the server and to Web.Config. But they are not allowed to
see the unencrypted connection string.

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"Steven Cheng[MSFT]" wrote:

Hello Dave,

Based on the nature of the question you mentioned, it is somewhat a
pure security & cryptography question.

I'm not sure the exact application code logic in your scenario(such
as the front end, backend and intermediate's processing on data and
the user/role based security strategry), would you further explain
it? For example, how will the three users(A,B,C) work in your
application(or in different application tier).

Generally, for symmetric cryptography, a key problem is the key
distribution and key management. Only the sender and receiver should
own the key. For example, if A and B want to exhange data through
symmetric data encryption, only A,B will share a key. And if they
want to let a 3rd party(such as user C) to maintain the data, then,
they should offer C the encrypted data(rather than plain text).

Please feel free to let me know your actual requirement and concerns.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead

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