Re: Windows Integrated Authentication not working


please clear that even user provides his/her credentials along with
the domain name( i.e "MYCOMPANY"), is it not allowing him/her to access
that particular resource(example:aspx page).

If answer is yes then check the following...

1.wether you have added these list of users who are logging, to the
"__Public" Group.
2.Is the domain name is correctly given.
3.(least possibility:fire walls preventing)

If your requirement is not to show that credentials window

then each user should login to their system with these credentials and
so that it will automatically take these credentials while browsing
your site.

If you want users from outside of u r network too use your application
just enable anonymous access.So that they can access under IUSR_mechine

Jagan Mohan Varma P.

I am attempting to set up my intranet application with Windows
Integrated Authentication. I will provide the specifics below, but
essentially my problem is that whenever users attempt to pull up my
site, they are being prompted for credentials.

The site is being hosted on a Windows 2K3 server with IIS6.
The server is part of the enterprise domain.
My company uses active directory and all users are in the group
There is not a proxy between the users and this particular server.
The application is currently sitting in the wwwroot folder, this will
be changed later.
The site is not allowing anonymous access.
I have selected Integrated Windows Authentication as the authentication

My web config currently looks like this:

<authentication mode="Windows"/>
<identity impersonate="true" />
<roleManager enabled="true"
defaultProvider="AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider" />

<allow roles="MYCOMPANY\__Public" />
<deny users="?"/>

A few questions, am I missing a setting somewhere? Is it necessary to
use Role manager when select Windows Integrated Authentication? What
others settings can I check?

Thanks very much for any help

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