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Minor detail :-)

I have just tested it today and I works fine without the Documentation and
the get protocols.

Thank you for your help.


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well - you need the POST, otherwise you web service will not work...

Dominick Baier, DevelopMentor

Hi again,

So something like this would be adviseable:
<remove name="Documentation" />
<remove name="HttpGet" />
<remove name="HttpPost" />
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Hello Henrik,

As Dominick has mentioned, you can configure the webservice's
protocols in
the web.config to enable/disable certain accesses to our ASP.NET
webservice. For the "WSDL" function you mentioned, it is controlled
"Documentation" protocol. So if you want to disable the Service
Description(WSDL) page, you can add the following configuration:
<remove name="Documentation" />
There are also many other access controls you can set for your
ASP.NET webservice through the <protocols> setting such as http
get/post access ....

#<protocols> Element
asp?fra me=true

Also, when you edit the web.config in VS 2005, the IDE's intellisense
can help you find all the available protocols that can configure.

Hope this helps also.


Steven Cheng

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