Re: Using two membership providers

Thanks for your interest...

I was today busy with some (supposedly) good material on Design Patterns in
..Net (Specitic to .Net and ASP.Net)...

My "Generalized" Single-Sign-On should be available in a day or two... keep
monitoring the Eduzine :-)

Happy Hacking,
Gaurav Vaish |

"Daniel" <dwischnewski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Sorry for the delayed reply.

I think this is getting close to what I need and I would be sincerely
thankful if you could show me a sample of how to accomplish this. In
the end I probably would be getting it to work in a general way :)

Thanks in advance and I'll be checking here regularly, for sure,

On Oct 8, 1:15 am, "Gaurav Vaish \(\)"
<gaurav.vaish.nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for your answer, but it did not aim at my questions.Basically,
what you are looking at is:

1. Single Sign-On
2. Custom provider that will in turn work with

There are three ways to accomplish this:

a. Short cut: Add an event handler to the event Authenticate and do the

b. Longer way: Sub-class Login and override OnAuthenticate. This method
the authentication part if there's no handler to the event Authenticate.

c. Create a custom membership provider that will in turn talk to other
providers and do the ValidateUser.

Personally, I would prefer 'c' with, may be, a custom section for 'my
membership provider'.

Well, suddenly in idea for implementation came to my mind... probably,
can revisit this thread after about a week. I should be posting up a
solution for Single-Sign-On using multiple providers!

Happy Hacking,
Gaurav Vaish