Re: Mixed Mode (Forms & Windows) Authentication

how about this?


Dominick Baier, DevelopMentor

Since your book isn't out yet, could you send me some code or point me
to an article on this?


"Dominick Baier" wrote:

There are basically two models -

#1one is to have a separate "start page" for Windows users - this
page will convert the Windows credentials (and groups) to a FormsAuth
ticket and redirect to your main app. All security will be forms
based then.

#2 A second approach involves injecting code into the pipeline (and
reordering some of the modules) to enable this scenario.

For existing applications #1 is often easier.

I describe both approaches here [0]. #2 is too much code and plumbing
to post here.

If #1 is feasible for you i can walk you through the steps.


Dominick Baier, DevelopMentor
I have an ASP.NET application that is used remotely (over the
internet) by our clients that uses Forms authentication and the
usernames/passwords are stored in the database. I need to integrate
Windows authentication with the existing Forms authentication so
that our employees (on the intranet) can use the same application
with requiring username/password.

I've seen a suggestion of having two seperate copies of the app
hosted, one accessed locally with Windows authentication and the
other remotely with Forms authentication. But, I would rather have
one server/site do both.

There must be a way to do this, and I don't know why this support
wasn't built into ASP.NET 2.0 out of the box. Does anyone have any
suggestions/examples of doing Mixed Mode Authentication in ASP.NET


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