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Hi Steven,
The problem is that the AD membership provider only the 'user' class.
ADAM manages, on top of the user class, a userProxy class. This userProxy
class is not recognized by the AD membership provider... hence I have a

Thank you for your help Steven


"Steven Cheng[MSFT]" <stcheng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Martin,

It seems you've got the basic stuff of AD membership provider working (the
issue you posted in the previous thread).

As for the new problem you mentioned, I'd like to confirm the class
(userProxy and user) here, is it the OU in AD? Based on my local test, it
is possible that different AD objects like users are stored in different
OU. What's the current AD connectionstring you used?

If the problem here is that the users are under different OU which can not
be covered by a single connectionstring(such as authenticate users in
different domains), you can consider define multiple membership providers
in code and programmtically determine which one to use (all use all of
on by one). Here is a MSDN tech article discusing on authenticate users in
multiple trusted domains through the AD membership provider:

#How To: Use Forms Authentication with Active Directory in Multiple
in ASP.NET 2.0


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