Re: MembershipProvider, ADAM and userProxy

I haven't looked at the code in the provider to know if there is something
easy you could just override to make this work, but one thing that did occur
to me is that you could just rename the userProxy class to user and change
user to something else in ADAM. It would be confusing, but it would
probably work. :)

Joe K.

Joe Kaplan-MS MVP Directory Services Programming
Co-author of "The .NET Developer's Guide to Directory Services Programming"
<Lancelot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I finally got my POC to work. I have some users in ADAM and I can browse
and validate using the Membership provider... Cool!!!!

Except that if I have a user of userProxy class in ADAM, my provider
does not see it. After doing much reseach (googling is the new term) I
think I understand why. The AD Membership provider looks for user class,
not userProxy class. That make sense.... still how can I see/manage my

Unless someone has a miracle cure for this, I'll have to write my own
member ship provider for ADAM.

All comments are welcome.