Re: Running Process with Current Authenticated User


You only have access to the password when you are using basic authentication (which of course pops up the dialog box).


Hello, I am trying to figure out how can I run a process under the
authenticated user's credentials without having to prompt for a
username and password? Is there anyway to allow for pass thru
authentication? I am tying to use the ProcessStartInfo class and I
obviously can get the current user name by using Identity.Name, but
how can I pass the password thru as well of the current user? When
the originally authenticate to the website, is there a way to store
the password safely to pass thru to the process at a later time? I am
fairly new still to ASP programming, so please bear with me if the
solution is simple.

Thanks in advance,
PS - Posted this in the general ASP forum, sorry for the double post.