Re: Sarting New Process from aspx page


starting a new process from within an ASP.NET application will start that
application on the server, not on the client. Since it is started from a
service, it is displayes on a special desktop - not the users desktop.

Anyway, if you want to zip files, you should use a class library for that.
For example SharpZipLib

Henning Krause

"Wally" <Wally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I know this is an question but I've had no answers there.

How do you start a new visible process from a page?

I can use:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start ("mspaint.exe");

from Main() in console application and it works fine.

When I put it in the Page_Load procedure of an aspx page, the process is
started, as viewed from TaskManager, but nothing is visible. I've tried
sorts of StartInfo strings, still the same.
I've tried all sorts of applications, including a .bat file with only a
PAUSE statement, still wont open a command window.
What I really want to do is open the winzip command line utility to zip
files up, but that seems irrelevant until I can gain control of this

Any ideas would be appreciated