Re: ASP.NET Membership - Changing the contract


i don't know about which "links" you are talking.

If neither the provider interface nor the controls fit your needs - why do you want to use the provider pattern - it will be more work teaching the provider your new tricks than writing your own authentication/user mgmt library - you have to do that anyways if you write a provider.

my 2c

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

I want to create a custom provider, that is going to work with an
existing database (I'm not going to use the aspnetdb).  I'm going to
need to provide additional fields in the creation of a new user
account, new fields for changing password and also new fields for the

Let's take the MembershipUser as a sample, I know that I would need to
inherit from MembershipUser and add my custom fields, what's going to
happen with the UserControls?  How am I going to pass the new fields
to my new extended object?

The reason of using the Membership is because I have the feeling that
there is "collaboration" with other new features in VS2005, if I don't
use the Membership, I feel that I'm going to loose more than just the
Membership.  To make an educated decision, anybody knows what are the
"links" between the Membership and other features in VS2005, if any?

Any good advice to approach my problem besides create my own?  I'm
also willing to create my own UI layer and just implement the
Provider, but wish there is a way to reuse the existing Membership
UserControls as much as I can if it makes sense.