Re: Membership custom provider - logout function


ValidateUser is not a login operation - it validates credentials - and retrurns a boolean according to the outcome of the validation. The membership provider is only an abstraction over a back end data store.

The login control sets the authentication ticket by calling FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie.

To clear the authentication ticket call FormsAuthentication.SignOut.

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

I am writing a custom Membership provider for ASP.NET
I have derived from the Membership provider and have supplied my own
that work against my security server.
For login operation, for instance, I implemented the
password)" function.
I can not, however, find any function that maches the "logout"
As you may guess, it is a must to implement this function, but - no
for it in the membership provider class.
Please advice
Many thanks