Re: FileSystemObject Errors

I am actually having a very similiar issue:
Any thoughts would be helpful:

Here's the scenerio:

HAD: Entire Windows 2000 domain multiple servers
Internal Web Server - Windows 2000
NAS Server - Windows 2000

Internal Web Application (On Web server) utilizing ASP scripts to
access shared directories through mapped drives on NAS Server. (And
yes, I know UNC paths should have been used, but I didn't actually
write this, just trying to follow someone else)

UPGRADED: All servers (including Web Server) except NAS Server to
Windows 2003 Server.
NAS Server remained on W2K Server.

PROBLEM: For some reason when ASP scripts are ran on the web server
(2003) they cannot access data on the NAS server (2000). However, they
have no problem accessing local data. ;-/

What special permissions have to be setup on either the 2003 and/or
2000 server to allow access to shared directories via an ASP script.

I'm at the end of my rope on this one, I have researched IIS 5.0 Worker
Process Isolation Mode, which we were in, and I have tried to switch
out of and still no luck. I have checked and re-checked all the NTFS
permissions on the NAS server shared directory and everything that I
believe is supposed to be there is allowed modify access.

OTHER NOTE: It looks like most of the scripts are utilizing one of our
"IUSR_" accounts in the directory security within IIS 6.0 and I have
double-checked the password is correct and that this user is a member
of the IIS_WPG group who incidentally also has NTFS permissions to this

Here is an exact example:

<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
if fso.fileExists("C:\rt.txt") then
CFile = "C:\rt.txt file found"
CFile = "C:\rt.txt file not found"
end if

if fso.fileExists("E:\rt.txt") then
EFile = "E:\rt.txt file found"
EFile = "E:\rt.txt file not found"
end if

if fso.fileExists("D:\rt.txt") then
DFile = "D:\rt.txt file found"
DFile = "D:\rt.txt file not found"
end if
Set fso = nothing
This is to verify whether the file can be found on the particluar

C & E are local drives where this rt.txt file is located and the
scripti finds them fine.
D is a mapped network drive on a windows 2000 server and even though
the file is there, the script displays the "File Not Found" message
indicating to me that it must not have permission or something.