Windows Auth question/issue

From: C Trailer (
Date: 11/12/05

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:59:13 -0800

Hi, thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

I have a client who setup a DMZ server W2K3 Standard SP1, IIS 6, ASP.NEt
1.1. The server is dual homed, one address to the private network and one
going to an external address.

I'm trying to get Windows Authentication to work properly. It works as
expected when accessing it locally using http://servername,
http://localhost, http://internalIPaddress . however, when trying to access
it via the external ip address (even on the local machine), windows
authentication fails. The event log indicates an event id 537, Failure
Audit (an unexpected error occurred during logon).

My assumption is that this has something to do with the dual homed nature,
but am seeking any advice or knowledge of this type of setup and error.
Maybe i need to add static route to make sure the AD communication goes
through the internal link.

Any help is greatly appreciated.