Extremely freaky Security Exception

From: William Sullivan (WilliamSullivan_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 08/17/05

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    Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:08:04 -0700

    I have a page that (simply put) displays information from a SQL database.
    I've split off the business logic and database access logic into different
    classes. My database access class exposes static methods for loading typed
    datasets with information from the database. I call methods in this class
    three times when my page loads. The first two methods I call work fine; they
    return the data I expect from the database. The last method fails with a
    Security Exception. The extremely freaky part is that when I follow the
    execution while debugging, the exception is thrown exactly when I call the
    method. Execution never enters the method. A snippet of code looks like:

    this.securityData = DBHelper.GetSecurityData();

    this.roomData = DBHelper.GetRoomData(this.userID);

    CabinetData foo = DBHelper.GetCabinetData(roomServer, roomDbName, dbType);

    the three methods do pretty much the same thing--connect to the database,
    run a query, fill a typed dataset with the results, and return it. The only
    difference is that the first two are instance variables, the third (foo) is a
    local variable to the method where the calls occur. The exception is thrown
    after the third line is reached and before stepping into the method. I want
    to make this clear--the method GetCabinetData never executes; the exception
    is thrown at the point where execution would normally transfer from the
    calling method into GetCabinetData. I'm stumped. TIA.

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