Re: FileIOException, Need help please

From: Dominick Baier [DevelopMentor] (
Date: 05/14/05

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    Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 00:56:39 -0700

    Hello Nicole Calinoiu" calinoiu REMOVETHIS AT gmail DOT com,

    i would also suggest to not use the filename that is returned from the fileopen
    dialog but the FileStream..does not require that much permissions...

    Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

    > "Moe" <> wrote in message
    >> I have a winForm control that contains an openFileDialog.
    >> I am using this control in a webForm by enbedding it using an
    >> <object>
    >> tag.
    >> I need to access some information about the file on the client.
    >> I strongly named my control assembly .
    >> I created a machine level permission set, and assigned FileDialog,
    >> FileIO
    >> and User interface permission.
    >> I created a code group under all_Code, associated my assembly's
    >> strong
    >> name
    >> to that group and assigned the permission set i created previously.
    > Not a great idea. It would be better to add the new group under the
    > appropriate zone group (usually intranet) in order to minimize the
    > potential impact of a compromise of your signing key.
    >> I also added the following attributes to my assembly:
    >> [assembly:AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers]
    >> [assembly: FileDialogPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum,
    >> Unrestricted
    >> = true)]
    >> [assembly: UIPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum, Unrestricted =
    >> true)]
    >> [assembly: FileIOPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum,
    >> Unrestricted =
    >> true)]
    >> I am having a file IO Exception while trying to retreive the FileName
    >> property of the openFileDialog.
    > It really shouldn't be getting that far. Given that you've specified
    > a
    > RequestMinimum for
    > unrestricted FileIOPermission, your assembly should not run at all if
    > this
    > permission is denied. Are you sure that you're attempting to run the
    > latest
    > version of the assembly?
    > That said, you'll still have a problem once you resolve the above
    > issue since the IE host won't resolve your assembly's strong name
    > until after the permissions grant is complete. For workarounds, see
    >> Any help will be very appreciate it.
    >> Thanks!

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