Re: Is it possible to predetermine the order of HttpModule calls or implement filter chaining in ASP.Net

From: Brock Allen (
Date: 05/11/05

Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 07:59:52 -0700

The order tends to go by the order they're configured in the <httpModules>
section. So there are times when you want yours to fire before a built-in
one, so you have to use <remove /> in web.config sometimes then <add /> yours,
then <add /> back in the one that you had previously removed.


> Hi people,
> I am wondering if it is possible to pretermine the order of the
> HttpModules being executed. If not, how can one implement interceptor
> filter chaining with HttpModule in ASP.Net?
> Why do I want to do this?
> It is because I have a HttpModule that will perform some sort of
> authentication, another to perform Url rewriting. I would like the
> authentication filter to execute first before the Url rewriting.
> Thanks in advanced.

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