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From: Brock Allen (
Date: 05/03/05

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    Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 06:06:38 -0700

    Well, if you're using javascript in the browser then there's little you can
    do to protect it, since the browser needs the source code (the javascript)
    to execute it.

    As for the javascript on the server, many apps request external files to
    support their custom controls. The validation controls are a prime example
    of that. If you're worried about your customers stealing your IP, then that's
    what a lisence agreement is all about. If they misuse or steal your IP you
    need to have a legal avenue. Once you give your code to someone, even if
    you obfuscate and doo all the other tricks, with enough time and effort they'll
    be able to access it.


    > Hi All,
    > I have created a custome control for That control has lot of
    > javascript files & images. Is there any way to protect those from
    > users. Like if I sell/distribute those file to others, I have to give
    > javascript & image files seperately. I want to protect those image
    > (like logo) from the developer using that control, so that they cannot
    > change those images. Also same with the script, as scripts are main
    > area which gives the feature. Is there any dotnet solution to such
    > problems. Can I use resource to encapsulate such files within an
    > assembly? Do I have to create new file (for images) everytime by
    > reading data from resource. This will slower down the page loading.
    > Can
    > I also hide scripts, coming on to clients browser. Please give me some
    > solution which dotnet have provided, otherwise I have to use other
    > alternatives like encryption, multiple javascript files to locate
    > correct file etc etc, which I hate to do.
    > I think using dhtml behaviour with htc will work fine. Can any body
    > will suggest?
    > regards,

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