ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 1 <siteMapNode> roles=""

From: Jon Edney (Match_IT_Dev_at_online.nospam)
Date: 04/12/05

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 03:39:03 -0700


I am trying to use a web.sitemap file in ASP 2.0 Beta 1 to limit the menu
options visible to users. However I have struck a problem. How do you use
roles= to only show items when there is no user logged in (no roles).

For example:
    <siteMapNode url="" id="User" title="User Features" description="User
Features" roles="*">
            <siteMapNode url="~/user/signup.aspx" title="Sign-Up"
            <siteMapNode url="~/user/forgot.aspx" title="Forgotten Password"
    <siteMapNode url="" id="User" title="User Features" description="User
Features" roles="members, admin">
            <siteMapNode url="~/user/changepassword.aspx" title="Change
Password" description=""/>
            <siteMapNode url="~/login.aspx" title="Logout" description=""/>

I am current using roles="*", but this is still visible to the user after
they have logged in. I only want them to see the options when they are not
logged in. I guess I need something like roles="anonymous".

Thanks for your help.

Jon Edney.

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