Re: how to time out the web application when not in use for 15 minutes

From: PL (
Date: 02/22/05

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 11:09:58 +0100

Try installing ASP.NET 1.1, you are probably running 1.0 ?

Downlaod from:

Of ocurse, if you dont have control over the server this poses a problem.


"Ekta Agarwal" <> skrev i meddelandet news:%23NoQwr6FFHA.1836@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
> Hi,
> I have checked the spelling, casing .
> Still I can't use the slidingExpiration attribute in the Forms tag .I am
> getting the same error message
> '' Unrecognized attribute 'slidingExpiration' ''
> Can anybody help me why?
> Thanks
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