Re: Impersonation when performing IO operation using File.Copy

From: Bunty (
Date: 12/29/04

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 16:31:02 -0800


Yes, the remote server is also running ASPNET acct. It is also running IIS6
for some other purpose.

Folders on the remote server are well shared and also assigned proper
permissions to the folder and to the domain user (the user I am trying to


"Patrick Olurotimi Ige" wrote:

> Bunty..
> I have made a similar application and ur error see WIERD!
> U said u have impersonated but are u usre the user has access to the
> FOLDERS..and is it well shared..
> Does the server u are copying the files to have ASPNET acct?
> If u can try posting the code u are using..
> Hope this helps.
> Patrick
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