LogonUser failed error

From: Nimi (anonymous_at_discussions.com)
Date: 10/14/04

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:20:40 +0530

When I run my application , the LogonUser method fails the exception is
"LogonUser failed with error code :1314".
I know the error is because of some privileges .

I am using Windows 2000 sp4. I have not enabled the SE_TCB_NAME previlege.
Do we need to enable this ?

I enabled privileges using this:

ManagementObject mo = new ManagementObject(new ManagementPath( ));
mo.Scope.Options.EnablePrivileges = true;

I am still getting this same error.

I also checked System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity().GetCurrent.Name
It returns "@\machine_name\ASPNET"

But to the user "ABC" I have enabled the TCB privileges .

What am I missing ?