Authorization problem

From: Maryam Baseer (
Date: 07/31/04

Date: 30 Jul 2004 15:44:37 -0700

Please can anyone tell me why I am getting this error when I call one
of my aspx pages

You are not authorized to view this page
You might not have permission to view this directory or page using the
credentials you supplied.


If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page,
please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or
phone number that may be listed on the localhost home page.

You can click Search to look for information on the Internet.

HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
Internet Explorer

All the rest of the pages that I call are working but only this page
is not working. Cant seem to unserstand anything. I have checked all
the properties and all the security options everything is same but the
page is not loading. Even the forms with similar coding are running
but this one page.:S

Please Please Please anyone... Its really really urgent. The whole
thing was working A-one but dont know what has happened.