what is a port that shows up in your system and appears to be cont

From: susie usry (susieusry_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 07/03/04

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 03:35:01 -0700

there is a extra remote port enabled -address-192.168.0. hello, i apologoze first for my question. I have spent many, many hours trying to figure this out. Most of my "tech friends" have tee-hee-hee me. I know there is something on w. my pc. I'll try not to wander: 1) constant error messages, crashes, freezes, "unable to display", (whenever i get close to what i want). There is a black screen that will come up with bold face scripy often before it freezes. In the system 2)remote port or20, ,subnet mask-, mac brudge minipod address00:03:47:27:b1:67. the device is something IntelPNP device, it is embedded in the computer or was put there on nov. 24,30-there's alot of info, but I don't have enough knoeledge (i.e.i', ignorant) to understand.would someone not laugh too hard and steer me in a direction? i have much more information. thank you.