Re: Forms Authentication for particular folder

From: Ken Schaefer (
Date: 06/28/04

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 18:12:36 +1000

You need to create a new <location> in your web.config and point it to your
folder. Configure forms auth for that location only


"VIC" <> wrote in message
: Hi,
: I'm working on a webapplication, most part is for anonymous access, but
: one part login is needed. All the files after login are in one particual
: folder: "/login".
: Usernames and passwords are stored in a tabel on SQL Server.
: The loginpage and Web.config are in the root of the web.
: I've tried several things but I don't get it work correctly.
: My code of checking against the table works correctly, I'm struggling with
: Web.config.
: The authentication section of Web.config is like:
: <authentication mode="Forms">
: <forms name="justaname"
: path="/"
: loginUrl="login.aspx"
: protection="All"
: timeout="20">
: </forms>
: </authentication>
: All I want to manage is to allow anonymous acces for the whole website,
: except the content of the subfolder "/login".
: Any help is appreciated, thanks!
: VicWare
: Email: info@vicREMOVE-MEware (spamblock)

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