Re: Manage and Store Keys

From: Hernan de Lahitte (
Date: 06/23/04

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 10:35:49 -0300

I think this article will help you out with these topics.

Hopefully this will solve most of your doubts. However if you have any
further question please don't be afraid to ask.

Note: Before calling the RSACryptoServiceProvider constructor with the
CspParameters instance, you should set the Flags property with one of these
two values:

UseMachineKeyStore or UseDefaultKeyContainer and set the KeyContainerName
value as well.

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"Johanna Espinosa" <> wrote in message
> I'm using and overloaded RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa =
> RSACryptoServiceProvider(CspParameters cp) indicating the container name
> through cp.KeyContainerName property, but I don't understand what
> different make to stablish PersistKeyInCsp option to true and how to
> identify if the container already exist or the constructor is creating a
> new one pair of keys. Does anybody have documentation about managing and
> storing key pair.
> Any help will be appreciated,
> Johanna Espinosa L.
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