Timing (forms) authenticated sessions out.

From: Paul (paul_at_hotmail.com.invalid)
Date: 04/21/04

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 01:28:50 +0100


I'm experimenting with forms authentication which I've got working (it's
based on some technet stuff.) One thing however, is confusing me.

A cookie is created based on the authentication ticket and there seem to
be a number of expiry/expiration values. There's one in web.config in
the <forms....timeout="20" /> element. There's also one in the creation
of the authentication ticket. I believe that there's yet another in
web.config to do with sessions and there may even be some in IIS!

What I want is for the user to be timed out after a set time, so that if
they walk away for longer than this time and they (or anyone else for
that matter) request a secured page, then they are re-directed to the
login page. I don't need it to automatically redirect on timeout (I
suspect that might involve adding a refresh command to the page to be
executed clientside)

Also, if they continue using the app, I don't want them to be challenged
to re-authenticate every (say) 20 mins.

Which setting(s) do I have to set, or do I have to check in code on
every page that the cookie is still "in date"?

Thanks to anyone who can help my understanding.



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