Challenge/Response help needed
Date: 03/18/04

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 12:22:33 -0500

I have a large datagrid that I need to display, without paging, so that
users can grab it and export it to excel.

However, when I display the large datagrid (5000 records, about 10 columns
per record), a click on any of the controls -export to excel, to filter the
list, to simply reset the list to nothing - generates the grey box that
resembles the Challenge/Response box you get when trying to enter a domain
that has that turned on (which this one does). I am displaying the entire
table because users generally use this to generate a list of changes or
corrections to numbers of the records at a time, that involves changing from
one rep to another, etc.

However, this function works properly on smaller sets of records (the
largest subset is about 2000 records, and it works fine there).
Manipulation of those recordsets does NOT make the challenge/response box
show up, but it does when I grab the whole datagrid and display it.

Any ideas as to why the Challenge/response would show up when I'm trying to
manipulate the whole table?

To prove that I am not crazy, I was able to record the actions of my web
browser on this particular listing.

the one that gives me the 401 error is 4011.avi (approx 1.9 meg in size)
that I recorded off the screen.

The one that works okay is also about the same size avi file, and is called
worksokay.avi and is in the same directory. The difference in the 2
datagrids is that one has 1900 records in it, and the other has 5000.

This problem didn't crop up until I finally got the export to the datagrid
working. However though, in tracing the code, I set a watch point on the
radiobutton changed event, and it never hits the click - the
challenge/response gets there BEFORE it goes into that code.