URL Forwarding problem

From: Binod Nair (nairbinod_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 01/22/04

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:44:25 -0600

Hi All,

I have an ASP.NET appication running on http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication
and I have a domain http://www.mydomain.com registered at godaddy.com for
this application.I have setup domain forwarding at goDaddy.com to forward to
http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication. I am using Forms Authentication on the
application.Now the problem i am facing is , when i login to the application
through http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication everything works fine and get
authenticated and logged in. But when I login in through
http://www.mydomain.com , the cookie gets blocked and I am prevented from
logging in(i am not getting authenticated).

The path in the web.config file is pointed to path="/".

Any help appreciated.