sql server database access problem

From: Fredrik Normén NSQUARED (fredrik_at_nospam.com)
Date: 09/27/03

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 00:20:45 -0700

This would not work if the Database is not installed on
the same machine as the Web Server, beause the ASPNET is a
local account. A local account could only be used on its
own machine.

/Fredrik Normén NSQUARED2

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>i have a problem with database access (SQL Server/MSDE)
on my production
>the asp.net web app works fine in test.
>on the production server, it won't connect to the
>i'm pretty sure i have set up the ASPNET login correctly,
with permissions
>identical to my test system
>it only fails when trying to use a Trusted connection for
ASPNET - using an
>SQL connection.for use 'sa' works just fine.
>the only clue i have is a SQL security log entry
of "login failed for 'NT