Re: automatic site login...

From: -=Chris=- (use_at_newsgroup.instead)
Date: 09/24/03

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 07:49:11 -0500

I was minding my own business when Jim blurted out:

> I have an site and I want to provide automatic login when a user
> returns to my site, similar to
> Currently my site authenticates the user and generates a token when the
> has been validated, this token is unique per login and is valid unitl the
> user logouts or their session has timed out.
> How would I achieve automatic login? Do I have to store the username and
> password in the cookie?
> please advise....
> Cheers in advance
> Earth Worm Jim

At what point is the token invalidated? Can you just persist the token and
store the token itself in a cookie?

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