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From: Chris Jackson (
Date: 09/05/03

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 10:52:27 -0400

This isn't a problem that is unique to .NET - it's the same for any web site
you develop. .NET is only the environment you use to program the server - it
has no effect on what the client sees, which is still just plain old DHTML.

If you want to have just the login page encrypted, you can post to an SSL
page and make that happen. Alternately, if you want to simply have it post
back to itself, you need to have that page itself using SSL. SSL is not
something you provide - you simply need to have an https page on a certified
server. There is no configuration of the page, per se, but simply a
configuration of your server and where you place your files. Nothing is
unique to .NET here - this is simply a function of how the technology works.

Intro to SSL here:

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"Ivan Demkovitch" <i@d> wrote in message
> "Chris Jackson" <> wrote in message
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> > > I like approach most sites use:
> > > They have
> > > <form name="loginForm" action="https://sss" method="post">
> > > I wonder how can I do "action" parameter dinamic from my ASP.NET ?
> >
> > You just need to remove the runat=server attribute from the form tag and
> you
> > can do this.
> I don't have any
> >ASP.NET wraps an object oriented framework around these pages -
> > so you define the variables and then use the same variables to access
> > data you collect in the postback. If you post to another page, you don't
> get
> > to do this - you just iterate through the collections that are passed
> > same way you did 5 years ago.
> What collection? I wasn't in web dev 5 years ago...
> > want to consider
> > re-thinking the way you do things using this new paradigm. You might
> > that you like it better - I know that I certainly did, once I got used
> > it.
> I certanly want to do it right way.
> Here is my scenario:
> I have portal which does not have secure data right now. However, it allow
> user to setup preferences.
> Soon, I will be adding online store and want same users to be able use it.
> need "Login" block on main page (which is not secure)
> From what I understand there is no build-in way for providing SSL for
> other then redirecting post to different page (from secured place).
> In .NET I would have to create separate Login only page for this...
> Any other ideas on how this could be done?