Opening documents from fodler sturcture

From: TimmyG (
Date: 08/18/03

Date: 18 Aug 2003 05:12:51 -0700

Hello all,

We have an app protected with integrated security. Part of
this application carries out document prodcution and management via a
mixture of code and activex client controls.

The problem occurs when trying to open documents / templates (ms word)
from the folder structures under the app root.

It is imporatnt that we open these documents in word itself and not
through a browser window (as we automate from the client).

When trying to open a doc / template we are presented with a netwrok
log on box. I can only presume that this is happening because word is
making the request to the web app to open the doc (we open directly
from server). This would be becasue the dir structure is protected by
the web config and iis settings. This is really not acceptale. We are
using client impersonation and this obviously (and unsurprisingly)
doesnt apply to requests made by word.

Can anyone offer any solution to this problem i.e. impersonating from
activex / word or maybe using a different web config for the doc

Obliged and out,