Re: ASPNET User Problem in Shared Hosting Environment

From: Dave (
Date: 08/07/03

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 13:52:02 -0700


I think I have the same issue because I'm trying to setup
Integrated Security in my connection string for an
ASP.NET app.

So does this mean I can create an IUSER_<website> account
for each website I have running and give that IUSR
account access to it's respective SQL Database?

Right now the only way I got Integrated Security to work
and connect to the sample Northwind database was to add a
SQL Login as <mymachine>\ASPNET and giving the ASPNET
account access to Northwind DB.

In a real scenerio I think I should have a different
machine account for each website and it's supporting
databases only.

Can you confirm? Thanks,Dave

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>| We do provide web hosting service. Every ASP3 process
runs under own
>| username and password so customers can not access
other customer's
>| How do I do that with .NET? What is the best running
ASPNET in Shared
>| Hosting Environment? Right now ASP.NET user can
access all other
>| websites files and view them.
>In IIS 6 you can specify different users to run ASPNET
Worker Process.
>In IIS 5 you must enforce <identity impersonate="true"/>
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