Re: Exceptions during a HTTP post using WebClient

From: Matjaz Ladava (
Date: 06/18/03

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:54:19 +0200

You must understand, that when you do upload you are doing it in the context
of ASPNET account. So either you have wrong security settings on remote url,
or you cant resolve the name of the url.
What is the myurl value and what are permissions set on that folder (myurl).
Are you using impersonation ?

Matjaz Ladava, MCSE (NT4 & 2000)
"john" <> wrote in message
> hello,
> i have to request an ASP page from my machine.
> So, i use webclient and UploadData for the HTTP request.
> I specify a credential for the webClient object because
> the site is setup with NTLM authentification :
> NetworkCredential vo_cre = new NetworkCredential
> (user ,pwd,domain);
> web = new WebClient ();
> web.Credentials =  vo_cre ;
> web. UploadData(myurl,"POST",mydata);
> Sometimes, a WebException is thrown :
> NameResolutionFailure or ConnectFailure.
> What could be the causes of these exceptions ?
> Thanks

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