Authorization not working

From: Joe Reazor (
Date: 03/12/03

From: "Joe Reazor" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:01:47 -0500

This security stuff is driving me nuts. I am following all of the
VERY SIMPLE examples that I can find and they are not working for me. I am
trying to secure something so that all users except a couple are denied.
>From what I could find this should work:


<deny users="*" />

<allow users="joe,jim" />


But no matter what nobody can access the protected pages. Does the order of
the <deny> and <allow> tags matter? What else am I missing? If I deny
anonymous users using <deny users="?"> and allow all users using <allow
users="*"> then it works as I want by not allowing anonymous users and
redirecting to a forms login. But I need to get it to only allow certain
users for some cases. Any help is appreciated.


Joe Reazor
Gorbel Inc.
email: joereaATgorbelDOTcom

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