My Web.config file is being ignored - any ideas?

From: Scott Cadillac (
Date: 02/18/03

From: "Scott Cadillac" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:39:20 -0700


I'm deploying a new ASP.NET application to a customer's site. They have
given me VPN Access to a shared folder which is part of the IIS directories.

My *.ASPX are in the right place, but when I request a file remotely via
MSIE. I'm getting the standard error page that says "you need to have
<customErrors mode="Off"> to see any details, blah, blah, blah," - which I

No matter what settings I try in my Web.config file - they just seem to be
ignored. Of course I can't get on the "local" machine remotely yet, to try
requesting http://localhost.

And of course, even though I have Application Trace turned on (with
localOnly="false") - I'm getting the same "hidden" error message from

Any ideas?

Everything works fine on my development Server and I have successfully
deployed my ASP.NET solution on other Servers.

I'm sure the "error" is permission related - but I can't even see the error.

The Network Admin for the Server doesn't know anything more about .NET other
than he installed it for me.

What kinds of things can I look for or suggest to the Network Admin? Could
it be another Web.config or Machine.config file overriding my settings?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers....


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