Use Roles with Forms auth ans SQL?

From: |{evin (You@dont.need)
Date: 02/16/03

From: "|{evin" <You@dont.need>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 17:03:09 GMT

        Greetings, I've been googling for about an hour now and I
think I may be more confused than when I started. What I'd like to be
able to do is (for simplicity's sake) the following:

Have a SQL table, say 3 fields.. username, password, role
Have 2 subdirectories.. say manage_tickets and user_maint

Is it possible (and if so, some links or code snippets would be
greatly appreciated) to be able to say that only people in the
'technician' or 'admin' roles have access to the 'manage_tickets'
folder and that only the 'admin' role has access to the 'user_maint'

I'd like to be able to manage user account from within the app, so
hard-coding user names into the web.config looks to be out. I want to
be able to create a record in SQL 'bob', 'mypassword', 'technician'
and poof! 'bob' has access to 'manage_tickets'.

Maybe I should go have some coffee....