Re: SSL Certificate causes Internet Exporer error

From: John Lau (
Date: 02/11/03

From: "John Lau" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 13:20:36 -0800

Hello Hannes,

Thank you for your interesting comments. I will have to test disabling
SmartNav on my secure server at a convenient time. Based on your comments,
I did find Microsoft Article Q318320, which talks about SmartNav and SSL.
The article does not talk about crashing Internet Explorer, but it does seem
related to my problem, and yours as well since they seem very similar. It
also talks about a fix for the problem, but you have to ask for it directly
from Microsoft. The fix is not downloadable. This tells me that you need
to thoroughly test the fix before putting it in production. Unfortunately,
I do not have the luxury of installing a pre-release fix.

In my situation, all of my users use IE6. I will test with other browsers,
but I do not have the luxury of asking my users to use another browser.

I would be interested if you do install the fix and if it helps your

Best Regards,

"Hannes Gislason" <> wrote in message
> Hello John
> I believe, that your problem is similar to my problem:"IE6
> or .NET bug? Forms Authentication SignOut problem",
> reported here on Feb 7 2003.
> I also use SSL (MicroSoft-generated certificate), and I
> get the same warnings and error messages from IE as you
> get, but only from IE6.
> My problem was on the aspx-page with a Log Off button. I
> removed the problem by disabling SmartNavigation on that
> page.
> Now for your problem , I made the following test:
> 1) I used SSL and enabled SmartNavigation on the Log inn
> page, and this reproduces the same warnings and error
> mesages from IE6!
> 2) I used SSL and disabled SmartNavigation, this again
> removes the problem!
> 3) You are right, disabling SSL also removes the problem,
> but we need SSL, so the better solution is to disable
> SmartNavigation.
> I am not sure what is happening here, but I have reported
> the problem to Microsoft.
> Take a look at SmartNavigation, and also test with
> different browsers. SmartNavigation is a Internet Explorer-
> only feature, so you should not see the problem with
> Netscape and Opera browsers.
> Best regards
> Hannes Gislason
> >-----Original Message-----
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have a ASP.Net website that uses a Verisign SSL
> Certificate. When I set
> >the web server to require a secure channel, the following
> problem occurs.
> >
> >I am able to get to the logon page. The page is using
> form based
> >authentication. When I enter a username and password,
> which is stored in
> >SQL Server, I get the message "This page contains both
> secure and nonsecure
> >items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?".
> Both when I click on
> >the Yes button and the No button, I get an Internet
> Explorer error, which
> >asks me to send an error report to Microsoft. Then I get
> a second message
> >telling me there is an error in Internet Explorer, and
> then IE closes
> >itself. This happens even when I rename the main web
> page that I would have
> >been sent to if the error had not occurred, so I think
> the error happens
> >before I get to that page.
> >
> >This error does not happen if I do not require a secure
> channel on the web
> >server. In this situation, entering the username and
> password sends me to
> >the main web page without a problem.
> >
> >I can also avoid the error by changing a setting in
> Internet Explorer. In
> >Internet Explorer, select Tools, Options. Select the
> Security Tab. In the
> >Internet Settings, select the Default Level. Then select
> custom level. Under
> >Miscellaneous, set Display Mixed Contents to Disable.
> While this works, it
> >is impractical to ask all of my website users to disable
> the display of
> >mixed contents.
> >
> >Also, I don't believe there are any nonsecure items in my
> web pages.
> >
> >Is there something I can do in IIS or in the ASP.Net
> pages to fix this
> >problem?
> >
> >Thanks, John
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