Web Forms Auth fails when rfValidator triggered

From: Jeff P. (ptakja@corning.com)
Date: 02/07/03

From: "Jeff P." <ptakja@corning.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 08:40:26 -0800

Hi all. Hope you can help me out with the problem I am

I have a simple login page to my intranet-based web. It
basically has a username field, password field and login
button. In addition, I have 2 Required Field Validators
on the page that insure that the username & password
fields have text in them so I don't waste the database
access with null data.

Now, when I enter the username & password correctly, the
authentication works as expected and I am redirected to
the main page in my application.

If I enter garbage text in BOTH fields, the authentication
again works as expected. That is a label field is
displayed that states that authentication failed.

So far, so good.

Now, if I leave either or both fields blank, the validator
controls do their job and display the "error text" stating
that the field can't be blank.

Again, so far so good.

Now, if I enter a legitimate username & password, my
button click event gets fired, user authentication is
performed, however, I never get redirected to the Main
Page. Note that this ONLY fails if the required field
validators (rfd's) are triggered to display their error

If I REFRESH the page, re-enter my username & pwd,
everthing works fine.

I have enabled the TRACE function and noticed that the
Authentication ticket (cookie) doesn't get set after the
rfd's are triggered.

I am puzzled as to why this doesn't work and am stumped on
how to go about fixing it.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!


Jeff Ptak
Corning, Inc.