Re: I can't login to Sql no matter what i try! i'm ignorant and i need help :)

From: Mary Chipman (mchip@nomail.please)
Date: 01/30/03

From: Mary Chipman <mchip@nomail.please>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 10:21:01 -0500

It sounds like your server is configured for Windows authentication
only. Go into the server properties in the Enterprise Manager and
check out the settings on the Security tab. You also might want to
take a look at the security "best practices" whitepaper:

-- Mary
MCW Technologies

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:28:16 -0800, "logan" <>

>using : .NET Server RC1
> IIS 6
> SQL 2000 (eval)
>ok when i attempt to login to my Web App i get this :
>System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database
>requested in login 'T254DN_Staging'. Login fails. Login
>failed for user 'sa'. (sa is just to test, i've tried all
>my other logins).
>i dont think i want to use integrated security because
>many of the users of the site wont have windows accounts.
>i just want ASP.NET to access the database,
> i have tried
>adding the ASPNET account as a user in the database with
>administrative db role (again as a test).
>SQL Server is set to authenticate in Mixed Mode
>IIS is set up for anonymous access with the IUSR_ account
>WebConfig authentication mode : tried Forms and None.
>neither made a diff.
>Machine.Config :
> <identity impersonate="false" userName="" password=""/>
>i dont get it. i dont understand, can a brotha just get
>some sql data for his web app.