Re: Passing arguments to Web Service from Win application

From: AJoshi (
Date: 01/22/03

From: "AJoshi" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:35:47 +0530

If you want to do all this transparently (without changing server webmethod
signatures) then you can use a SoapHeader that is filled within a SoapOutput
filter (use WSE). You will then have a SoapInput filter at the server end
which extracts this. Use WSE encryption and signing for security. Your
client code fills in the user name, pwd etc. using a SoapContext object.
This is accessible in your SoapOutput filter. This has minimal changes in
client code.

"Alex Ayzin" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> Need your help again, guys. I'm not exactly too sure what I need, but I'll
> try to word it out. Anyway, I have a Win app that has a Login form. On
> Login form I have 4 textboxes, that capture data from Users - UserName,
> Password, ServerName, DataBaseName. That Win app consumes a Web Service
> running on a WebServer. When Win app issues a call to WebService through
> proxyObj.WebMethod(), I pass a couple of parameters to it. What I need to
> here's capture Logon information from those 4 texboxes and pass that info
> WebService among other params as ParamArray args(). What is a best
> to implement this?
> I was thinking like this:
> 1.Declare a Shared function on the form to capture 4 textboxes .Text
> properties.
> 2. Create separate object (class) to grab that information from a Shared
> function(my managers request that it's a separate object)
> 3. Compile previous object into .DLL, reference it in WebService and have
> access to captured information.
> But I see a lot of design holes in it; maybe you can come up with a couple
> of ideas that might help... Thanks a lot.
> --Alex