RE: Constant "Configuration Errors"

From: Bassel Tabbara [MSFT] (
Date: 01/21/03

From: (Bassel Tabbara [MSFT])
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:59:31 GMT

Hello Eric,
It seems that you are running into a permission issue. The error shows
access denied to the user who is debugging. You can try to fix the problem
giving the appropriate permissions. If you don't know which files needs to
be configured properly, run a tool called FileMon. This tool can be
from for either 2000, XP, NT or Win 95/98.

File Monitor logs all calls to the hard disk.

To make a good log:

Run the log for the shortest amount of time practical. Setup the scenario
to the point just prior to where the error occurs, launch the logging tool,
repro the error, and shut down the logging tool after several seconds.

The steps for both tools are the same.

1. Launch the tool and select Options/Filter.

a) In the Process Include(s) text box enter aspnet_wp.exe and devenv.exe.
This only monitor calls made by aspnet_wp.

b) Process Include(s) should be empty.

c) In the Path Include(s) textbox enter *.

d) Path Include(s) should be empty.

e) History depth should be 0.

f) All 4 check boxes should be checked.


2. Immediately select Options/Capture Events to STOP logging.

3. Choose Options/Clear Display to wipe the initial entries.

4. Setup the application just prior to the point where you get the error.

5. Choose Options/Capture Events to start logging.

6. Reproduce the error in the application

7. After the error appears, choose Events/Capture Events to stop the

8. Save the log under File/Save As

Bassel Tabbara
Microsoft, ASP.NET

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| Subject: Constant "Configuration Errors"
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| I get configuration errors constantly when trying to debug an app
| my box at work.
| Can anybody shed some light on this? I'm clueless.
| NOTE: After 60 seconds I can hear the hard drive thrashng a bit then I can
| run the application again. So it seems that when an exception occurs
| debugging something still doesnt get disposed of properly.
| I've checked my code throughly and my team members using the same project
| not get this problem hardly at all. "Hardly" meaning they've never
| mentioned it.