Re: Strange behavior with SSL and __doPostBack

From: Rad (
Date: 12/26/02

From: "Rad" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 01:49:17 GMT

there's a fix.. find the knowledge base article, then call in and refer to
it to get the fix...

"David" <> wrote in message
> I'm running an ASP.NET web site with SSL. All the site is running under
> HTTPS only (the HTTP port is blocked). Whenever I click a link button
> control on the page (or any other control that calls the __doPostBack
> javascript function that is generated on the page by the ASP.NET) I get a
> security alert saying: "You are about to leave a secure internet
> connection". Clicking yes just normally posts back. When posting back
> a normal submit button I don't get this alert (although the same post
> is performed). The normal message when you really are browsing to an
> unsecured page is saying something like "You are about to be redirected to
> connection that is not secure". This is not the message I'm getting in
> case.
> The only difference I could think of is that the __doPostBack call the
> form.submit() function explicitly and the submit button submits the form
> implicitly.
> I really need to remove this Security popup because they are incorrect.
> Any Ideas ?