Re: How Bad Is It?

From: th (th@rmsexxxcf.remove-xxx-and-this.cxxxom)
Date: 12/16/02

From: "th" <th@rmsexxxcf.remove-xxx-and-this.cxxxom>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:14:04 +0100

Here are some reading about ASP.NET security.





The first one is a MUST READ....


"Lee Seidel" <> wrote in message
> How bad is it to switch the user in the machine.config
> file from "machine" to "SYSTEM"? We were able to overcome
> insufficient security for ASPNET id via this method. We
> resorted to this after giving ASPNET administrator rights
> on the box did not resolve the dreaded Insufficient
> Access .NET error.
> Please share your thoughts on this.
> Thanks.

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