Authentication and Authorization for Different Users

From: Ale K. (
Date: 12/04/02

From: "Ale K." <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 17:09:30 -0300

Hi, i'm looking for how to do the authorization and authentication for Users
i got from a DB to have access to different pages because they got different
roles. like in the DB i got a Talbe with People and their accessing roles ,
that can be A,B,C that are different categorys, how can i set exactly wich
page can each go into, like...
i got page a1.aspx , a2.aspx only for category A
b1,b2,b3 all aspx for B
and c.aspx for C

how can i set the different roles for the users?? my current config on the
Web.config is:
<authentication mode="Forms">

<forms name=".ASPXAUTH" protection="All" loginUrl="login.aspx"/>



<deny users="?" />



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