Re: Gaining access to network shares from WebServices and WebForms

From: Willy Denoyette [MVP] (
Date: 11/13/02

From: "Willy Denoyette [MVP]" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:41:28 +0100

This has nothing to do with .NET, this what Windows security is all about.
Local accounts have no network credentials, so, unless you replace the IUSR_xxx by a domain account, you won't be able to access
network resources using IUSR_XXXXX (or any other local principal).


"Tim Greenwood" <> wrote in message news:efmXEvqiCHA.1952@tkmsftngp09...
> I have a webservice which needs to create files on a mapped drive. When
> trying I get a security exception. I believe I need to authenticate as a
> different user so we can specify the user in IIS and provide the necessary
> privileges so we aren't allowing the IUSR_(MACHINENAME) access to network
> shares. I really do not know how to get here with .NET.