Re: Enterprise Services Identity

From: Ed leNoir (
Date: 11/01/02

From: "Ed leNoir" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 19:00:36 -0800

You just don't have something configured correctly. I've done the same and
it works as advertised. Only the classes and functions that are actually in
the package will run under the COM+ account, code in your aspx pages still
run under the aspnet worker process. All calls have to be to "remote"
components that run in the COM+ package. The remoting is invisible to you
once you've got it all set up. Usually database and network accesses are
put into classes that are derived from ServicedComponent and run in the COM+

I haven't seen a trick yet where you run the entire aspnet application under
COM+, but I haven't looked either. Usually you only want to run with the
extra security when making external calls, otherwise run under the nicely
underprivelaged aspnet account.

- Ed

"skippark" <> wrote in message
> Enterprise Services Identity
> I have a .NET COM+ data object that has been created to
> take advantage of the ability to run under a specific user
> identity. The use of Trusted Connections with sql server
> is a necessity due to coroporate security policy. The
> problem is when I run my .Net in COM+ it always runs with
> ASPNET identity instead of a domain account I specified in
> COM+ service. Any thoughts?
> Thanks.

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