Re: Process Identity

From: Ed leNoir (
Date: 11/01/02

From: "Ed leNoir" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 18:53:45 -0800

The settings you posted is all set up to run under the system account, so
it's no suprise with those settings. You can set the <identity
impersonate="true"> in the web.config if you want the app to run with the
anonymous account (IUSR_machinename I think it is). If you want something
else you can either change the anonymous account in IIS, or add an
<identity> with the userName, password and impersonate="true". But who
wants passwords in config files? So, changing the IIS account is a bit more

If you change it in the processModel it will work also. You may need to
reset iis to pick up the change. But if you put the user and password in
processModel make sure you DON'T impersonate in the web.config.

- Ed

"Helen Warn" <> wrote in message
> I have an web application that always seems to run under my system
> admin account, no matter what user is logged on, and no matter what I put
> the processModel of the machine.config file. The Web App is running with
> anonymous logins only.
> In my machine.config file I have under the processModel element:
> userName="SYSTEM"
> password="AutoGenerate"
> For impersonate I have:
> <identity impersonate="false" userName="" password="">
> In my web.config file, I do not have an identity element.
> Does anyone know what I need to change to have the web app run under a
> different account (short of adding an identity element to the web.config
> file)?
> Thanks
> Helen