How to get UserName / NetBios machine name using FORMS authentication

From: Joao.Cardoso (
Date: 10/30/02

From: Joao.Cardoso <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:13:53 +0000


I'm using Forms authentication but I still need to know the NetBios
machine name and the user logged on on windows domain, using the
browser IE to access my ASP.NET application.

I need this information in order to be able to LOG with users is using
the software on witch workstation (with dynamic IP addess) width witch
windows logon on the workstation. This is a requirement for security

The problem is that using Forms authentication, accessing the
servervariables allways returns either ASP.NET user account or the
Forms autenticated user....

I need to know if is there any way to get that information, even
assuming that I'm using IE5 or later.

Again, Mind that I'm using Forms authentication

Thanks in advance

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