RE: Page error for pages requiring SSL

From: Srinivas Grandhi (
Date: 10/19/02

From: (Srinivas Grandhi (MS))
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 00:42:04 GMT

Hi Jim,
I apologize for the delay. I haven't checked the messages yesterday.

What you said about "Require SSL" and "Require 128 bit" thing makes sense.
What you indicate is - if one un-checks "Require SSL" then it should
automatically un-check "Require 128-bit encryption". I would agree with you
too. But as you have already noticed, if yo uhave installed Certificate on
the server and did not check "Require SSL" on the site, people can still
browse to the site via https or by http. If they browse using https, how
would we enforce 18-bit encryption? I guess there should be a way in the
interface that says use 128-bit encryption only if borwing to the resource
via htps. Hm...

Aprt from this detour, here is what I gather - ASP and ASP.NET work fine as
long as SSL is not enforced. Under SSL (https://) you are getting the
original "Page not found" error even after deleting all the sites, making
sure there is only one site and it is using Fixed IP (instead of Host
Headers). Am I right?

I think the changes you made (to make the site use fixed IP) are not
reflected correctly in the metabase. Take a look at the article below for
some tools:
HOW TO: Download, Install, and Remove IIS MetaEdit 2.2 Utility

Thank you,
Srinivas Grandhi
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